Frauscher engineers of emotions


On the wave of the success of its electrically powered 750 St.Tropez, the Bootswerft Frauscher boatyard gave rise to the production of a Powerboat line, powered by powerful Gasoline, TurboDiesel and hybrid (Diesel - Electric) Engines.

​In cooperation with famous boats designer Georg Nissen and the technical skill of the Feltrinelli brothers from Lake Garda (Italy) in the early days, then in cooperation with prominent designers as Studio Kiska and Harry Miesbauer, a remarkable new shape of the hull has been developed, perfect in sliding and smooth on waves, mantaining a very typical brand image thus developing strong in the performances.

Classic runabouts, tasteful design elements and modern techniques, exquisite fittings, teak and/or mahogany wood, carbon fiber and sovereign performances even under rough conditions at sea.

More space, more light, more air, more elegance. The Frauscher flagship offers more everything, but the lenght.

The Frauscher 1414 Demon raises the Frauscher feeling to the next level!

Frauscher® 1017 GT: ten metres of perfection, where technology and design blend.

Frauscher® 1017 GT AIR: innovation springs from inspiration, invention and constant development. 

Don´t be wondered when you see a Fata Morgana on your sea path - it isn't a ghost, is not a product of your imagination. It´s the Frauscher 858 FANTOM.


Frauscher presents classic design as luxurious Air variant.

747 MIRAGE - a new dimension for luxurious Sports-Daycruisers

With the 747 Mirage Air Frauscher is extending its range to another center console variation.

Frauscher® 909 Benaco: nine metres of perfection, where technology and design blend.

The Frauscher® 757 St. Tropez is a classic runabout characterised by completely new and innovative design elements.

Frauscher 717 GT is THE "gentlemen's racer".

The Lido, with its "30s" charm, sporty design, top-class performance, attention to detail and quality materials, is a boat that has timeless style.

In 6 metres only, the Austrian shipyard succeeded in concentrating the technical skills and the high-quality materials.