Frauscher engineers of emotions


On the wave of the success of its electrically powered 750 St. Tropez, the Bootswerft Frauscher boatyard gave rise to the production of a Powerboat line, powered by powerful Gasoline, TurboDiesel and recently, hybrid (Diesel - Electric) Engines.

​In cooperation with famous boats designer Georg Nissen a remarkable new shape of the hull has been developed, perfect in sliding and smooth on waves.

Classic runabouts, tasteful design elements and modern techniques, exquisite fittings, teak and/or mahogany wood, sovereign performance even under rough conditions.

The Frauscher 1414 Demon raises the Frauscher feeling to the next level!

Frauscher® 1017 GT: ten metres of perfection, where technology and design blend.

Frauscher® 1017 Lido: Frauscher® tradition and craftsmanship realizes the dream of a new boat that push to the extreme the open concept.

Don´t be wondered when you see a Fata Morgana on your sea path - it isn't a ghost, is not a product of your imagination. It´s the Frauscher 858 FANTOM.


Frauscher presents classic design as luxurious Air variant.

747 MIRAGE - a new dimension for luxurious Sports-Daycruisers

With the 747 Mirage Air Frauscher is extending its range to another center console variation.

Frauscher® 909 Benaco: nine metres of perfection, where technology and design blend.

The Frauscher® 757 St. Tropez is a classic runabout characterised by completely new and innovative design elements.

Frauscher 717 GT is THE "gentlemen's racer".

The Lido, with its "30s" charm, sporty design, top-class performance, attention to detail and quality materials, is a boat that has timeless style.

In 6 metres only, the Austrian shipyard succeeded in concentrating the technical skills and the high-quality materials.