Gargnano e Bogliaco

We are on Lake Garda on the west bank of Bogliaco and Gargnano territory that is part of the AltoGarda Park.

Bogliaco is known by sailors from all over the world thanks to the Centomiglia sailing competition which takes place in early September.

Gargnano is an elegant town with a beautiful lake promenade, holiday destination known since the last century. Rich palaces such as the eighteenth-century Palazzo Bettoni a stone's throw from us, Villa Feltrinelli now a de-luxe hotel, risen to his own residence by Benito Mussolini during the Repubblica Sociale Italiana from 1943 till 1945 and Palazzo Feltrinelli, seat of his secretariat. Very interesting to visit the splendid cloister of St. Francis, the parish of St. James and the traces remained of the ancient gardens of lemons as well as the many possibilities for walks in the hilly surroundings.